The deepest of the Woodland View waters, High pool also holds the biggest fish,being popular not only with anglers going after the venue’s carp which run to 25lbs plus many in double figures but also with those after the 10lbs plus barbel in the lake.

At 1.5 acres in size with 35 pegs, High Pool is unlike the other pools in that it ranges from 8 to 10 feet deep and has an irregular bottom, making plumbing worth the effort for those in search of holes and features.

On 27th June 2010 in an afternoon match of 5 hours Ian Bowden broke the previous Fishery record with a fantastic weight of 285.5lbs. In his catch he had approximately 130 fish @ 1lb in weight and used 3 keepnets. His method for the match had been to fish down the side and out using both Woodlands hooker and feed pellet together with sweetcorn.

Stocked with a wide variety of species, it again holds big shoals of roach and rudd with catches of 80lbs in one sitting not being unusual.

For both pleasure and match angling, the pole and waggler are both popular with waggler anglers fishing further out towards the centre of the pool. Despite its depth, few anglers use the feeder.

Whilst maggots, casters and pellets are all popular baits on this water, anglers going for the carp and barbel tend to use sweetcorn and Woodlands pellets.

High pool again is always popular for match and competitions.