Divided into Front Deans and Back Deans but classified as one water because the two pools lie next to each other and are identical. Deans is really an out-and-out match water but is available to pleasure anglers when not in use for competitions.

Front Deans offers 33 pegs and Back Deans offers 31. Both pools are fully oxygenated to ensure good year-round sport.

With depths varying from between three to four feet to the right hand side of the pools as you look at them from the clubhouse, they both run down to seven feet to an even bottom which is fairly featurless to give all anglers an equal chance of catching an impressive mix of species.

Although the average size of the common, mirror, ghost and leather carp in the lakes varies between 5lbs and 6lbs there are plenty of larger fish with the biggest running to 20lbs. In addition there are tench averaging 2lbs – 3lbs but running to 6lbs, bream to 7lbs and averaging 2lbs – 3lbs, barbel to 6lbs, perch to 4lbs, roach and rudd to 3lbs, golden orfe to 3lbs, chub to 2lb and a large head of crucians and skimmer bream to help bulk out weights.

Once again, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, hooker pellets and luncheon meat are all successful baits when fished over a bed of Woodlands own feeder pellets.